In Level C Muaythai 2019 seminar, Chinese Taipei Muaythai Association invited Mr.  Tsang and Leung from Hong Kong Muaythai Council as our keynote speakers as Muaythai has become increasingly popular in Hong Kong. Lots of professional competitions have taken place in Hong Kong and many elite athletes from Hong Kong have achieved high ranks on the international stage, especially among East Asian participants. Instead of inviting only Thai professionals like before, this time we invited two Chinese-speaking elite coaches from Hong Kong to Taiwan, aiming to achieve a level of clarity and effectiveness to speak to the participants in their native language. We believe that, other than the lack of language barrier, learning Muaythai skills and tactics from the Chinese NF directly could provide participants a different perspective to the game of Muaythai. Meanwhile, CTMA had assembled all (many or all) of the elite coaches from our association to join the seminar as lecturers and examiners. Most of them have participated in IGLA coaching courses and or been trained at international gyms in Thailand.

本次泰拳 C 級教練講習會,本會特別邀聘香港泰拳理事會曾昂飛及梁偉耀擔任 高級講師。泰拳運動在香港蓬勃發展,且多有舉辦職業級賽事,近年來在國際 泰拳賽事成績更是名列東亞地區前茅;有別於以往聘請泰籍教練擔任講師,這 次協會特別從香港邀請兩位講師來台指導,即是希望能直接向具豐富經驗的華 人運動團隊學習技術,消弭語言的隔閡,從華人的角度所彙整出來的訓練方式 及戰術,進行最有效率的泰拳訓練。同時,本次講習也號召了全國師範級教練 擔任這次講習會的示範講師及考試委員,其中不乏多次前往泰國參與國際級教 練講習或至各大泰拳館進修之教練。

Benefiting from the teaching materials organized and compiled by coach Leung and Tsang, our attendees did not only review many important and fundamental Muaythai techniques, but also pay some special attention to the idea and intricacies of “coaching”. During the academic sessions, senior coaches shared their Muaythai techniques such as movement analyses, body parts to land strikes, timing and training methods on top of the opportunity for attendees to coach each other. We also had a Q&A session with all of the senior coaches including the two CTMA guest coaches to answer questions and to teach interactively. Meanwhile, CTMA had arranged classes on gender equality, anti-doping and nutrition into the program, aiming to emphasize that these topics are as, if not, more important than the fighting techniques themselves in the field of Muaythai.

在教材上,受益於香港兩位講師傳授之技術資料統整,除了能讓學員們再一次 進行泰拳技術的複習外,更能針對「教練」之技術進行更深的了解。在學科教 授中,針對各項泰拳技術之動作解析、打擊部位、使用時機及訓練方式等先做 沙盤推演,並在術科教授中直接讓學員進行技術以及教授的操作,而兩位講師 及協會師範也不吝於回答個學員們提出之疑問以及進行直接的教學經驗傳授。 另外,協會也跟上國際泰拳總會的腳步,在講習中提供了關於性平以及營養等 列於技術之外卻與技術同等重要的課程教學。

As the sport of Muaythai evolves year by year, CTMA raised the requirements to apply as well. However, this seminar has broken the record of having the most attendees, including the number of elite coaches and athletes applied from all over the country ever in CTMA history. This is a clear proof to show that Taiwanese citizens have become more fond of Muaythai as a sport year by year.

為與國際接軌,本會特別提高了這次講習會的報名門檻,不過本次講習會依舊 是歷年來報名人次最多的一屆,學員中不乏各訓練站教練以及現役泰拳國手。 協會也相當感謝北市立大學天母校區能出借場地,讓這次百餘人的講習能順利完成。