Lv.C Coach course 2020 report C級泰拳講習會成果報告

In Level C Muaythai 2019 seminar, Chinese Taipei Muaythai Association invited Mr. Tsang and Leung from Hong Kong Muaythai Council as our keynote speakers as Muaythai has become increasingly popular in Hong Kong. Lots of professional competitions have taken place in Hong Kong and many elite athletes from Hong Kong have achieved high ranks on the international stage, especially among East Asian participants. Instead of inviting only Thai professionals like before, this time we invited two Chinese-speaking elite coaches from Hong Kong to Taiwan, aiming to achieve a level of clarity and effectiveness to speak to the participants in their native language. We believe that, other than the lack of language barrier, learning Muaythai skills and tactics from the Chinese NF directly could provide participants a different perspective to the game of Muaythai. Meanwhile, CTMA had assembled all (many or all) of the elite coaches from our association to join the seminar as lecturers and examiners. Most of them have participated in IGLA coaching courses and or been trained at international gyms in Thailand.

A big welcome to our General Secretary of FAMA Mr. Mervyn Tan 歡迎亞洲業餘泰拳總會秘書長蒞臨本會

上週六(10/19)本會有幸能邀請亞洲業餘泰拳總會秘書長Mervyn Tan蒞臨本會位於天母的會本部。 秘書長這次來台除了拜會中華奧會外,特別撥冗來到中華民國泰國拳協會的總部與我會理事長、秘書長會面。談到在我會理事長的推廣之下,台灣在近幾年內有越來越多人投入泰拳運動,認為我國能夠在近幾年內主辦亞洲泰拳錦標賽。