Asian Championships – Adu Dhabi in OLYMPIC CHANNEL Live!在本屆亞洲錦標賽可以從OLYMPIC CHANNEL觀看完整18-21日賽事,邀請大家一起加入! Click! 2019 Muaythai IFMA Asian Championships – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

中華臺北賽程:(阿布達比時間18日 角落顏色為左紅右藍)

#12場 Ring A Senior Female Elite A 48kg 成年女子菁英A組48公斤級 

(TPE)Tzu Ching Lin 林子晴 V.S  (AFG) Shabnam Hussain Zada

 #23場 Ring A Senior Male Elite A 54kg 成年男子菁英A組54公斤級

(KAZ) Yelaman Sayassatov  V.S (TPE) I-Chen Huang 黃翊禎

#34場 Ring A Senior Male Elite A 57kg 成年男子菁英A組57公斤級

(UAE) Zakaria Eljamari V.S  (TPE) Yu-Xi Chen 陳禹希

#54場 Ring B Senior Male Elite A 67kg 成年男子菁英A組67公斤級 

 (IRQ) Akram Alanis V.S  (TPE) Wei Hao Huang 黃威皓 

#67場 Ring A Senior Male Elite A 71kg 成年男子菁英A組71公斤級 

 (KAZ) Azamat Abishev V.S (TPE) Chun Hong Ko 柯俊宏

about Asian Championships

Event Metrics:112組級別、42參賽隊伍、245比賽場次、319參賽選手

We are happy to announce that Registration is now OPEN for the 2019 IFMA Asian Championships!
Registration is open by invitation only to FAMA Member National Federations and Invited Teams.
The 2019 Asian Championships will be held in Abu Dhabi from 16th to 22nd of December.

Weight divisions:
Youth categories: 12-13 yo, 14-15 yo, 16-17 yo
Men’s: -45KG, -48KG, -51KG, -54KG, -57KG, -60KG, -63.5KG, -67KG, -71KG, -75KG, -81KG, -86KG, -91KG, 91+KG
Women’s: -45KG, -48KG, -51KG, -54KG, -57KG, -60KG, 63.5KG